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We offer specialist waste consultancy services to businesses and organisations across Northampton. Call our team today for a free quote.

Waste Management Northampton’s account management team is a head and shoulders above our competitors. We employ well-informed and enthusiastic people that develop long-standing relationships with our clients, so that you acheive the greatest standard in your waste and recycling scheme.

Launch days

To be able to get your recycling scheme off to the very best possible beginning Waste Management Northampton can give you a launch day to publicise the scheme internally. We see your workplace and establish a promotional stand in a central area, with various materials on display and activities to capture focus and help communicate the new scheme to your staff. We use games and contests and come with a variety of items made from recycled materials to help educate staff on the recycling procedure. Our recycling game employs staff whilst helping them to understand which materials can go into each type of bin. Our engagement activities may also be offered as a re-launch to help feedback your scheme’s success or reinvigorate enthusiasm about recycling among your staff.


We hold free-to-attend environmental seminars six times a year as breakfast events in central London, especially for our clients. Directed by our sustainability consultants, Waste Management Northampton’s seminars offer a chance for you to share best practice with other companies and learn much more on the topic of environmental problems impacting you. Subjects vary from waste, energy and water, to staff engagement and sustainable procurement. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast on us, network with like minded professionals and understand how to take practical action to enhance the sustainability performance of your workplace.

Communicating resources

The key to a successful recycling scheme is clear and consistent communication with staff. Waste Management Northampton have invested in a strong set of communications materials to accompany the roll out of your waste and recycling scheme. Colour-coded posters and stickers are supplied completely free of charge to clearly communicate the scheme to staff. These may be sent to you or, in case of the posters, downloaded from the Waste Management Northampton’s online Member’s Place. Attractive and clear, these resources are a favorite part of our approach, uniting with proactive account management to make sure recycling rates are maximized. Other resources available include training presentations for staff and cleaning staff, as well as template emails to declare the start of your scheme.

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