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As can be seen from our client testimonials, Northampton Waste Management is chosen by most businesses in Northampton and elsewhere in the United Kingdom because our services are exceptional. We can advise you on the most cost-effective solutions for your glass waste recycling or entire glass waste management, and ensure that you comply with all current legislation, based on our 17 years of experience. Please contact us at 01604 935 120 as soon as possible. We provide a variety of different services in addition to our glass recycling service. 

When you book our glass waste recycling services, we’ll provide you with free business waste bins as well as free delivery. Wheelie bins, lockable bins, and four-wheeled bins are among the several types of bins available. We can handle both tiny amounts of packed waste and other huge amounts of waste generated on a regular basis.

What is Glass Waste Recycling?

The process of transforming unwanted glass into usable objects is known as glass reprocessing or glass recycling. Before being renovated into bottles and jars, used glass is cleansed, crushed, and melted. This method can be repeated indefinitely without impacting the end product’s quality. Glass may be recycled indefinitely by crushing, blending, and melting it with sand and other minerals. In the hospitality business alone, pubs, restaurants, and bars trash almost 200 000 tonnes of glass each year.

Recycling discarded glass boosts your company’s recycling rates, improves your image, and lowers trash disposal costs. The good news is that glass does not diminish in quality when recycled. This implies it may be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. Glass can be classified into a variety of categories based on its chemical makeup. And it must be sorted into these distinct grades before it can be recycled. Glass recycling has a number of demonstrated environmental benefits, including lower emissions, energy savings, and raw material usage. Material recycling is also popular because it is a part of everyday life.

How is Glass Waste Recycled?

The steps for recycling glass are as follows:

Collection: Your waste will be collected at an agreed upon time. This glass waste is then sent to recycling centers. Glass is kept together in all colours; only in recycling facilities is it separated. All containers are thoroughly inspected for contamination and hazardous contents.

Sorting: At the recycling center, recycling will begin with the step-by-step sorting of glass. Pollutants will be filtered out as well. Ceramics, metal tanks, light bulbs, cartons, window frames and mirrors, plastic, food, and oil are all frequent pollutants. Contamination is any glass that cannot be recycled and must be disposed of.

Crushing and melting: Glass garbage is crushed after it has been sorted. Its purpose is to make it easier for recycling organizations to melt glass. This is accomplished with the help of a 24-hammer automated recycling station. The machine’s drive shaft rotates unevenly, shattering the glass into little fragments. After this phase, the glass is melted and blown into the needed forms for glass items such as jars and glass containers.

The two most common types of glass waste are coloured and colourless glass waste. In the recycling of glass waste, recycling colourless glass waste is simple, but recycling coloured glass waste is more challenging. As a result, such glass waste frequently winds up in landfills. Due to glass’ inability to degrade, landfills are not an environmentally favourable alternative. As a result, Northampton Waste works to reduce the amount of waste delivered to landfills. It is also crucial to us to provide environmentally friendly solutions.

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