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The old market town of Bicester is located in the Cherwell District of Oxfordshire. There are several historic landmarks in this town, and its history spans more than a thousand years. This medieval market town was one of Oxfordshire’s fastest-growing towns between 1951 and 2001. As a result of its proximity to Junction 9 of the M40 motorway, the city enjoys easy access to London, Birmingham, and Banbury. The town is also within easy driving distance of Oxford, Kidlington, Brackley, Buckingham, Aylesbury, and Witney. The countryside surrounding Bicester is filled with green fields and meadows with honey-colored stone-built villages. It provides a serene and relaxing environment for walking and cycling tours.

Bicester is also home to the delightful gardens of Garth Park, where there are many music events throughout the summer. The charming market town of Bicester is one of the most picturesque in Oxfordshire. To offer its locals and visitors, Bicester has the biggest shopping outlet called Bicester Shopping Village. It is a massive open-air outlet mall that offers one of the best places to get some retail therapy. Shopping here is very popular, bringing in over 3 million visitors per year with many affordable brands to choose from. It also has factory outlets and boutiques and Bicester Avenue Garden Centre & Retail Park. Our job as a waste company with offices is to give the businesses that make it an amazing place to visit and live in a chance to also keep it waste free. 

Our team of experienced professionals offers cost-effective solutions for commercial waste management tailored to your specific needs. Professionalism, including quick, trustworthy service and a timely response to inquiries, is what we are known for. The extensive experience we have enables us to maintain quality and keep costs in check, allowing us to perform services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis as needed. Please call us at 01604 935 120 if you have any questions.

Commercial Waste Collection Bicester

Our waste collection services can help you save a lot of money for your commercial and business needs. If you need to have your food waste, industrial waste, healthcare waste, or hazardous waste, collected you can count on us for cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions. The result of improper waste collection, processing, and disposal can be fly-tipping or landfilling. Landfill sites create a hazardous combination of earth, water, and air pollution when waste and recycling pile up.

From the Bicester Village, Market Street, to the Market Square, we can collect all types of waste your business may need collection for.  Should you have more questions about our services, including our free, no-obligation, full waste quote, please do not hesitate to fill in the form on the right  or call our friendly waste specialists on 01604 935 120. We will also offer you commercial waste bins. We have a variety of them for you to choose from. We have the regular wheelie bins to the bigger, stationery waste bins such as Skips, RoRos and FELs.

Commercial Waste Disposal Bicester

The best way to control your commercial waste is to recycle as much as possible. Recycling is also more cost effective for your company than dumping rubbish in a landfill. In addition to recycling, reusing some of your waste is a wonderful way to help the environment and reduce landfill waste. Recycling materials like metal, glass, and plastic is well known, but many people are unaware that food waste can also be repurposed. Granted, it does not get turned into what it was before, like most recyclable materials but it does get converted into reusable bio energy. 

Recycling also helps in shaping the way we view waste. Instead of it being just garbage to be thrown away, it is seen as a means to make new products without depleting resources and also means to create bio-energy.  To get a slice of this, just give us a call, and we’ll be there. For household waste recycling, the following place is available:

Ardley Fields Household Waste & Recycling Centre


Brackley Road, 


OX27 7PH,

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