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Wast Management Northampton

Our comprehensive waste management services can help businesses and organisations across Northampton deal with all of their commercial waste through one cost-effective service. Just call us today!

Waste Management Northampton can offer our customers a treatment and disposal service resulting in the diversion of all waste from landfill. To attain this we use an innovative Rotoclave system and waste management chain.

Waste Management Northampton runs 6 state of the art Rotoclaves. This empowers us to Rotoclave a greater volume of waste than conventional autoclaving systems. We anticipate having the ability to Rotoclave 93% of all waste produced by the Trust. This dramatically reduces the level of waste sent for incineration and offers a more ecologically positive final disposal path. Through our innovative supply chain, we can redirect all waste from landfill. This is accomplished by working with carefully chosen partners who have exactly the same ethos as Waste Management Northampton.

Collectively, this process enables us to redirect 100% of waste from landfill.

Creating a range of fully integrated waste management services and solutions covering almost all waste types and tailored to our customer’s individual needs, designed to maximise resource recovery and minimise waste disposal to landfill.

Recycling Services

With a variety of state of the art technologies available, including mechanical and optical sorting, Waste Management Northampton is able to distinguish most mixed waste flows and make them prepared for recycling or energy generation.


Our assignment to achieve ‘Zero Landfill Ensured’, is attained by a combination of recovery methods including: partial gasification of biomass to create energy, large scale shredding of general wastes to create ‘Refuse Derived Fuel’ and mechanical and optical sorting to produce material particular recyclables for re-processing.

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